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Discipleship Resources

Explore our Bible studies and devotionals, watch insightful videos for discipleship, listen to Christian podcasts, and find additional readings to enrich your journey.

What's this digital discipleship resource all about?

We believe discipleship happens best in relationship! We know, as followers of Jesus, we have all been called to make disciples, but we're often unsure what that looks like or what tools might be most helpful. As we seek to invest in the lives of one another and mature in our faith we want to ensure we're being intentional about what God has called us all to do. We realize we're all at different places on our spiritual journey, so we've put together a central resource that might be helpful regardless of where you find yourself on the journey. We've provided different technologies to choose from while breaking them down based on the spiritual stages concept. This concept uses the analogy of a person's physical life to help recognize where a person may be spiritually speaking. While each resource is broken down this way you may find resources you'd like to use regardless of how we've chosen to categorize. We'll continue to add and grow this resource over time, but we believe we have provided enough content for any individual or group to utilize wherever they are on their faith journey. Please use the navigation links to explore these discipleship resources for book studies, devos, videos, podcasts, and supplemental reading. If you'd like to discover another way to approach spiritual development there's a great resource called Life Made Manifest that delves in a little deeper to these same principles. May we continue to follow Jesus, be changed by Him, and live on mission with Him!

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Spiritual Unbelievers

Everyone has to decide what to do with Jesus. The full gospel story is a redemptive story of hope and is something to be shared with the entire world. If you know someone or are someone who has yet to believe in Jesus, then this is a great place to start. Discover resources for those exploring their faith or may have yet to hear the good news Jesus brings to all mankind.

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Spiritual Infants/Kids

There are lots of lessons to learn when we first start out in our physical life, and the same is true for our spiritual life. New believers and those young in their faith life need to understand the basics of the Christian faith and will need a lot of spiritual milk to help them continue to grow in the faith. Explore this section if you're new to the faith, coming back to the faith, or need some brushing up on the basics of the gospel and biblical Christianity. Remember, all our spiritual stages are based on spiritual maturity and not physical age or the amount of time you've been a believer.

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Spiritual Young Adults

Transitioning into a young adult can be exciting and challenging all at the same time. Young adults are ready to leave the nest and explore their freedom, which means learning how to fail and realizing that life doesn't always work out the way we anticipated. As believers who have matured in their faith this section is intended to be a resource to help as we learn to serve others and take steps toward building discipling relationships.


Spiritual Parents

There's only one way to become a parent and that's by having a child. This is also what makes someone a spiritual parent. In this phase of your spiritual journey you should have experienced the joy of having spiritual children. This doesn't mean you have all the answers it simply means you have helped disciple someone and taught them to go and disciple someone else. Regardless of how mature we are in our faith we need to ensure we are remaining healthy, and that we continue to develop skills to help disciple others. Peruse this section for resources to help others and for new challenges for the mature believer.

"Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19