Community Groups & Discipleship

We're not just a church... we are a family

Adult Ministries

In keeping with our overall mission, our adult ministries take on the focus of building multiplying disciples by “growing together.” The three primary avenues for this are Personal Discipleship, Equipping and Enrichment Opportunities, and Community Groups. Let me share briefly about each.

Personal Discipleship

We are committed to see that all of our members have the opportunity to be personally discipled with a good foundation of the principles of our faith and that they are afforded training so that they may come alongside and disciple others, hence being “multiplying disciples of Christ.” We have a great curriculum that comfortably allows us to walk through the basics of the faith with another person and strengthen a personal relationship with them in the process. The last eight weeks of the discipleship journey covers the Freedom in Christ materials which helps us to understand more fully our identity in Christ and the freedom and joy this relationship provides.

Equipping and Enrichment 
Spiritual growth is a many faceted process. At our Asheville Church, we offer several challenging options or men and women . Our Men’s Connections Groups and our Ladies Bible Studies are offered throughout the year and provide opportunities for spiritual development as well as the formation of friendships. Retreats for men and women as well as special church wide Conferences also allow the chance to sharpen special skills.

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New Life Community Church At Windy Gap

Community Groups

At New Life, we don’t want our members to be lost in the crowd of our large Sunday morning celebration and not experience what the church was born to be as a body. The New Testament church is not intended to be an organization where “lone-ranger” Christians attend, serve and worship independently of one another. We are a live organism of interrelated parts, all of which are equally essential to the health and well being of the whole body.
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, being in relationship with others is essential for your spiritual growth.

Whether it’s gathering with others to deepen relationships and develop your faith or taking the first steps to “check out” the Christian faith, Community Groups provide a safe environment where we can connect with others and connect with God. A primary objective of all of our groups is to create opportunities for our unchurched friends to join us in groups, make new friends, and learn how the truths of our faith provides answers to the challenges we all face.

God designed it so that all of us need encouragement from others to make it in daily life. We believe God intends relationships and friendships to be the context in which He does some of His most important work in our lives.

Let’s face it, our families are often not nearby and even they cannot always provide the love and support we need. That is one reason why commitment to a Community Group is really essential to your experiencing the fullness of life at New Life. Community Groups are the place where friends really do “know your name” and allow you the luxury of being real in both the good times and the tough ones. If you have friends like that, you are rich!

 Our Community Groups meet in homes throughout the community at different days and times. They are small groups, normally not exceeding 16 adults.

Our groups vary in composition. Presently we offer groups for singles, couples, age similarity, and groups open to all ages. It will be our pleasure to help you make a connection with a group of your choice. It’s as simple as a call or email to the church office and we will take it from there! Please call the church office to find a Community Group for you - 254-0040.