Our Mission Is To Help People Find and Follow Jesus

Our Values...

Real Worship

We're all created as worshippers. Everything we do is an expression of worship. We want people to engage in authentic worship of the triune God of the universe. Worship includes gospel-centered singing, praying, preaching, and generosity. We want our big worship gatherings to center on Jesus. He will be the focus of our prayers, songs and teaching.

Authentic Community

God is relational and He created us in His own image. We are relational beings in need of relationship with our creator and each other. We believe the Christian life is designed to be lived in community, which is why we have created gospel-centered community groups where discipleship can happen in the natural rhythms of our lives.

Multiplying Disciples

Every follower of Jesus should be taught what it means to authentically follow Jesus and in turn always be pouring that into someone else. We believe discipleship happens best in relational circles so that people can create the proper space to encourage one another, develop real friendships, confess sin and mature in their faith. We believe relational and small group environments can help best facilitate the multiplication of gospel-centered disciples.

Fearless Mission

God didn’t redeem us through Jesus so that we could sit on the sideline of life or huddle up in a Christian bubble on a church campus. We are created for mission, for risk, for a life spent in the cause of Jesus and His Kingdom expansion. We are called into that great adventure as we live out being the church in Asheville and to the ends of the earth for His glory.

We believe everyone has a part to play in the grand redemptive plan of history. Whether it’s serving at a local homeless shelter with a community group, or traveling to a far away place with the good news of Jesus…we want to help you find your place in God’s story.