Shining Light Ministries – India – Sanjeeb and Anita Sahu

“Shining Light Ministry exists to evangelize, teach and provide pastor training throughout India”


Dear Friends, Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for praying for our trip to Himachal Pradesh. We had a fruitful time in Rekong Peo and also in Rohru in the State of Himachal Pradesh. I would like to share 2 testimonies, one from Rohru field and one from our Delhi field below.

Guddu Ram is from village Majegoan. We went to his house for prayer. His small room was packed with people. We had a hard time sitting in a small space. After the meeting was over Guddu Ram sat with us and shared his testimony. He said he was miserable. His family members were always sick. He had no peace. Once his wife fell sick. She did not drink water or sleep for one and a half month. She was troubled by evil spirits. Guddu Ram sacrificed a total of 25 sheep but there was no change in his wife's condition. Once he spent Rs.50,000/- for Puja (Hindu rituals). Finally he went to church and here is where he found relief. He and his family accepted Jesus as their Savior. The villagers decided to exclude them from their village. Nobody talked to them or had any relations with them. This went on for 4 years. Once he said he drank water from an earthern pot which was kept outside his house. He drank water several times from this pot. Later he discovered there was a small bag inside the pot. Someone had done witchcraft on him. Inside the bag were soap, iron nails, fingernails, hair and other things. But nothing happened to him. Guddu Ram says that the person who opposed and did witchcraft, now all his family members have become mad. After 4 years there was a problem in the village. A villager died. Now Guddu Ram was the only person in that village to help in cremation rites. The villagers normally put a dead body in a bag. But the bag can be stiched only by Guddu Ram. He only had that skill. The villagers had to call Guddu Ram. That is how the 4 years of seperation ended.

Guddu Ram's son brought home a girl whom he married. This girl was handicapped on one side of her body. Even her eyes were affected. She cannot even walk properly or do any work. Why his son brought such a girl is not known. But they all became believers. This girl too was accepted by all the family members. She could not conceive. They all prayed sincerely. God did the impossible. She gave birth to a baby daughter recently. That was the reason they had a prayer meeting at their home as thanksgiving. (Guddu Ram's sitting in the middle of group photo 1 attached)

Mahesh came to our Delhi church 3 Sundays back. He looked mentally unsound. He was not wearing proper clothes. He kept coming towards the pulpit till few believers asked him to sit properly in the Church. The next Sunday he came properly dressed with a New Testament with him. He sat quietly in the Church. When it was time given for testimony, he came and testified. He said he was not at peace. He had married but his wife was having an affair with his brother-in-law. Often she would leave him and go back to her parent's home. Then slowly he became sick and mentally unsound. He was not sure what he was doing. One day his sister who comes to our church told him to go to church. So he had come. When he came to the Church he said he was filled with peace and he liked it here. After that when he left for home, he felt compelled to open his cupboard. There was a big bundle of clothes lying in the cupboard for a long time. His wife as usual was in her parents home. He thought of disposing those unwanted clothes. When he opened the clothes he found a bag with supari(betel nut) inside. He suspects his wife of doing witchcraft on him. He threw that bag in the drain. He said it was the Lord who showed him. He says that this was the cause of his mental unsoundness. He is feeling better. Please pray for him. This Sunday he requested prayers for his wife and children. (Mahesh photo 2 attached. He is standing on the left side)

Guddu Ram comes from a non-christian background but when his faith in Jesus became strong, no witchcraft worked on him. Mahesh comes from a Christian background but because he gave no place to Jesus in his life, the witchcraft almost destroyed him. Our God is a God of hope, mercy & grace.

TUTC - Train Up The Child

Cia about whom we mentioned in one of our reports that she writes peoms but writes in a vulgar language has stopped doing so and also has stopped contact with wrong type of friends. She also studied hard and came 3rd in the class for the first time. She is very happy. Children after completing their 8th grade leave our school. Few children said that in many places they go, teachers don't care. But here they said we care for them. We keep our classrooms clean. Ashish said that he was motivated by our teacher Ms.Dolly to help his mother at home. Previously he would never think of doing that. Rhea who is doing her final English Hons. is teaching children English. The children are encouraged to write words in English in the blackboard which they do not understand and Rhea explains them in Hindi. Children have taken interest to study English language now. All praises to our Lord.

In Christ,
Sanjeeb & Anita Sahu