Message: “The Relational God” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - September 6, 2020

The Relational God

No matter what your worldview is or what you believe spiritually, we all know that something is broken in our world. What’s missing? What can fix what’s broken within each of us? By looking at some of the encounters Jesus had with people in the gospels, we’ll discover that Jesus not only exposes what’s missing within us, but offers a lasting solution that nothing else in this world can. We will discover that God is a relational god and that it’s only through a restored relationship with Him and others that we can truly find satisfaction in this life. This week, we’ll look at Jesus’ encounters with two individuals: a social outcast and a religious insider. Although they couldn’t be more different, and though Jesus engages them in completely different ways, He offers them the same solution to their inner brokenness. The good news is that Jesus still offers us inner healing today through a relationship with Him!

From Series: "Encounters With Jesus"

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