Who is Jesus?

What would you say most people have concluded about Jesus? Since Jesus claimed to be God who came to earth in bodily form, there are basically 3 possibilities.

1) His claims were false:

  • 1a) He knew his claims were false and deliberately misrepresented himself, therefore he was a Liar.
  • 1b) He did not know his claims were false and was sincere yet deluded, therefore he was a Lunatic. 

2) His claims were true, he really is God. Our only options are to accept or reject him.

What conclusion have you come to about him? At New Life Church, many of us began our spiritual journey as skeptics or seekers. You don’t have to believe to belong. Most people who attend do believe, but we provide an environment where you can check things out and ask questions without fear of embarrassment. Let’s process this important decision together!

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