CRU – August 24, 2020

It is a strange feeling to be starting a new school year, and yet nothing is normal about this fall. Campuses are either online or seem to be closing by the day. However, I do believe that God is at work. I went from having feelings of total dread about starting the new school year, to feeling expectant to see the Lord do a fresh work. I took a class this summer on the Gospels and Acts, and it was incredibly refreshing to do a deep dive into studying about the life of Jesus afresh. I have wept over the lost this summer as I long to introduce nonbelievers to a beautiful Savior. I have also been very refreshed studying Acts and seeing the Holy Spirit’s amazing work in the life of the early church. This makes me excited and hopeful to see what the Lord will do this year in students' hearts.

Each year we have our techniques and methods that we use to reach incoming students. This year all of those are scrapped, and we are having to trust the Lord, brainstorm, and dream. It forces u to let go of our old ways of doing ministry and depend on a fresh movement of the Spirit. We are already hearing unprecedented stories of people in the middle east coming to know Jesus through digital strategies. We are praying that the Lord will do the same thing in the US and all over the world this fall! Thank you for your prayers that the Lord will do a fresh work this fall, and thank you for trusting the Lord with me!