Message: “Kingdom Dating” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - September 19, 2021

Kingdom Dating

Who and how to date another person is a major question in a culture seeking answers about sex and relationships. In a world of dating apps, hook-up culture, casual sex, quick divorces and disposable relationships, does the Bible provide a healthier pathway through the maze of dating and marriage? The truth of the matter is that the Bible says nothing about dating, because it’s a concept that only appears in history about a century ago. Still, there are guiding principles to navigate the dating world that will help shape who and how we date and marry. As Christians learn to abandon the world’s cheap hook-up version of dating and embrace what we’ll call kingdom dating or intentional dating, we learn key principles that will guide us into a healthy marriage. Things like: run after Jesus harder than you run after anyone else. Find someone running in the same direction. Evaluate chemistry and character. Practice purity. Date in community. And finally, pray and relax. At the end of the day, God’s got this, and He has you. As you seek His Kingdom first, He will make sure you step into the right relationship at the right time, in order to bring Him glory & give you joy.

From Series: "A Good Design"

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