Message: “Don’t Waste Your Life” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - October 25, 2020

Don’t Waste Your Life

What would you tell the people you love most if you knew what you were about to say to them would be the last words they would ever hear from you? Last words have lasting impact. After the resurrection, Jesus had some final instructions for His small, rag-tag band of followers that would change the trajectory of history itself. He gave them a mission and a purpose that was mind-blowing: the whole world. Tell the whole world. Start here, but don’t stop here. And Jesus didn’t just give them purpose, He also promised to give them the power to accomplish this stunning mission by sending the Holy Spirit to indwell and empower them to do things they never dreamed of. For 2,000 years now, this purpose and power has been passed from one generation of Jesus followers to the next. Friend, you have been given great purpose and even greater power in Christ. Let’s link arms and boldly take the good news of Jesus into our neighborhoods, into our city and to the furthest and darkest places left on planet earth for the glory of our great King!

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