Playing second fiddle?


Playing second fiddle? Some folks are at their best visibly “up front” or in the “limelight” so to speak, although most people who excel in something only do so in specific areas of talent. This leaves room for most of us to shine in our own way. The bible is full of examples of God using lesser knowns, sometimes elevating them to temporary visibility for His purposes. We see God raise the heads of the simple, the weak, the poor, the sick, the hurt and even the sinful for life lessons He chooses to communicate to us. Aaron served greatly as back-up to Moses. In fact, Moses himself wasn’t much until God gave him a mission and a backbone.

Ever heard of Silas? He was a large part of the Apostle Paul’s ministry yet his work was much in the shadows. Consider even Joseph, and his role as Mary’s husband and step-father of Jesus. One might even use the phrase “second fiddle” to describe some of the kingdom workers of the past . . .  and the term might well apply to you and me. The kingdom would not advance without second fiddlers, nor would the church today. Second fiddle: “not in the limelight, but being a support;”  “being in an inferior position or less important;” “to be in a subordinate role to someone.”

God calls all of us in His family, the Body, to play in His orchestra. Together, with Him as Maestro, we make beautiful music blending together to create a symphony. Are all equal? Perhaps not. Are all equal in importance? Certainly! 1 Cor. 12 makes much of this. “God has arranged the parts of the body, every one of them, just as He wanted them. If they were all one part (all 1st violin – my addition), where would the body be?” The parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable.”

My point is this: Young or old, expert or novice, skilled or simply willing, you have a place in the orchestra. Without your part, the music is not nearly as sweet, nor is the richness of your Christian journey, nor is the consistency of your obedience. Will you pick up your fiddle, no matter whether you sit 1st or 2nd chair, and play? You need to play and we need your participation. Join me in the orchestra. Just fill out your Connection Card and indicate you are ready to play. We’ll find the spot. Think About It.