Football for Committed Christians

Football for Committed Christians .The playoffs are on. The Super Bowl’s just ahead. What separates the average teams from the good? From good to great? Talent is certainly part of it. Talent- rich coaching staffs and talented players increase the odds for success. But lots of teams have great talent, even great potential, but they don’t win. That’s often because they don’t play as a team but more as a “collection” of individuals. (Just ask the 2004-2013 Dallas Cowboys).There is an absence of “heart,” a lack of motivation and even questionable attention to individual commitment to preparation. Players wear the team logo but they aren’t internally operating as if “this is MY team.”


              Churches aspire to move from good to great too. I know New Life does. Not for prideful or self-promotional reasons, but to express God’s love and gospel to a world much in need as well as for enjoying what God does in the process of growing us up and maturing us individually.  Most folks individually and as part of an organization would prefer not to be thought of as “just average.” As a church, we face the same challenges as any team does. (Do you think of yourself as part of the New Life team?) Most of us are familiar with Paul’s analogy of the church, the body of Christ, with a human body. “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body.” (1 Cor. 12:12) A severed hand is of little value to the body, just as is a spectator or fan’s contribution to a team.


To a ball team, sharing the team’s goal of desiring to win together, mastering your assignments, showing up in condition to play, participating in rigorous training, and giving all you’ve got at game time is a recipe for champions. Now back to the church as a “team.” Just what does a real team player look like? What are the characteristics of a “committed” Christian? What would you say . . .  and do you consider yourself to be one? More importantly, what would God say? Why not ask Him! What about attempting great things for an even GREATER God? With one life to live, how are you making it count to the fullest? Go team! Think About It.