Message: “Marriage Gospeling – Part 1” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - May 24, 2020

United in Exile

We’ve seen God do some really amazing things during this global pandemic! Perhaps more people than ever before have been reached with the gospel via so many live-streaming services across the globe. The stories of life change, baptisms, and the global church meeting needs in crisis have been incredible. And yet, there seems to be a dangerous disease quietly lurking in the dark recesses of the body of Christ. You see, love for one another and unity in the family of Jesus, is of the highest priority in God’s Kingdom. As we see fracture lines in our society forming over when and how to reopen, wearing masks vs. not wearing masks, weighing physical health vs. economic health, and a host of other issues that are quickly becoming toxic...a watching world desperately needs to see what unity in diversity looks like. For Jesus and the early disciples like Peter, unshakable unity among believers wasn’t optional for the follower of Jesus, it was a defining mark of those who actually knew and loved Him. Our unity, according to Jesus, is actually the one way the world around us will know that God sent Jesus to rescue them because He loves them. In light of that, is there really anything more important than our unity around the gospel above all else?

From Series: "Hope In Exile"

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