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Chris Dillon - January 17, 2021

A Song From The Depths


Lament is a prayer in pain that leads to hope and trust. It’s the song that the people of God sing between pain and promise. And modern-day Christians need to re-learn this historical practice like fish need water! In some sense, biblical lament must begin with self-examination. So much of the turmoil and pain in our lives, tends to be self-inflicted shrapnel wounds from our own sin. So how do we get right with God? And why does it matter? In Psalm 130, the psalmist teaches us to turn to God first (not last) when life seems suffocating. He is the source of our help, but far too often we use Him as a “break in case of emergency” last resort. The psalmist also teaches us the importance of acknowledging the problem of our own sin. This is a key component of lament. When we confess our sin, God cleanses, frees, and forgives us. We can breathe again! This rhythm of confession and forgiveness leads us to the art of slowing down, and waiting on the Lord during seasons of suffering. Whether you’re experiencing darkness and suffering due to your own rebellion, or simply due to the brokenness of our world, turn to God to find the freedom and redemption your heart aches for!


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