SBC News: Massive Call to Prayer in Benton, Louisiana

The Southern Baptist Convention’s primary goal is a simple one: live life the way God intended us to so that we may join Him in the Kingdom of Heaven. Recently, in Benton, Louisiana, the Northwest Louisiana Baptist Association placed extraordinary emphasis on this goal. Almost 700 members from a combined 117 churches gathered and prayed to God during their annual Call to Prayer event. These members prayed not only for themselves but their communities and the world.

The event also included talks of “rising and building.” Much like in Nehemiah 2:18, when Nehemiah called upon his fellow worshippers to rise and build the city walls, the Christians of the world must build up the Word of Christ in a similar fashion to inform our fellow man of the gospel. Gregory Shyne, a pastor of United Outreach Church in Louisiana, spoke of how the church has had a bad habit of ignoring the evil in the world and conveyed the message that it is now time to stop ignoring this evil and begin building again in the name of the Lord.

This call to prayer was a huge step in the right direction by these numerous Christian worshippers. By praying together, we are calling out to God for assistance during these particularly troubling times throughout the world.