What is Baptism?

For as long as anyone can remember, baptisms have been a staple in the Baptist community. It’s where the name Baptist comes from and is one of the most significant and foremost steps in becoming a “born-again” Christian. But what is it exactly that a baptism does for the person being baptized?

In a literal sense, a baptism is when a person is submerged entirely in water and brought out of it. Jesus Christ was baptized in the Bible, which is one of his first appearances in scripture as an adult. According to the Bible, baptism is compared to burial, as the person is shedding their old life and beginning a new one as they are risen out of the water. Baptism is a way for every sinner to clear their conscience of past sins, and start anew as a saved Christian.

Although baptism clears your conscience, it does not wash away your sins as many people would believe. The Bible teaches that only Jesus’ shed blood can truly wash away the sins of man. However, to be cleansed of their sins through Jesus’ sacrifice, the individual must practice faith in Jesus, change the way their living and live by Jesus’ teachings, and also be baptized.

Even young children can be baptized, not just the adult sinners. Children of all ages can perform a baptism and begin living a Christian lifestyle from a young age. When an infant is baptized, it is referred to as christening the baby. Instead of submerging them underwater, water is sprinkled upon their head. However, the Bible does not teach about infant baptism and states that only those old enough to understand and believe in the word of God can be baptized. That is why christening is not traditionally performed at Baptist churches.

For anyone looking to start a new life, and relieve themselves of the burden of old sins, baptisms are the perfect solution. They wash away their old way of living and allow them to rise again into a new one. Baptism is a way to forgive yourself, clear your conscience, and secure your place in the kingdom of heaven.