Babel 2.0

Pick the subject of religious faith and you won’t have to travel abroad to experience a communication barrier. Whose problem is that? Both parties, I suppose. But wouldn’t Jesus who said “Go” (Matt. 28) and certainly Paul say we should communicate so people will understand? Paul said he “became all things to all people that by all means I might save some.” (While not compromising truth) We are the ones commanded to “go into the world and make disciples” and be the “light to the world,” not angrily curse the darkness or literally let the world go to hell. Our “Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.” (Matt. 18:14) He wants us to express a clear and gracious exposition of the gospel to introduce Him and help people perceive Him accurately. Jesus’ life was not a picnic of flatbread and figs. Mostly it was the religious “entrenched” who opposed Him. The curious and uninformed are not our enemies. In case you haven’t noticed lately, people’s religious views and understanding can be at significant variance with yours and your Momma’s. People today are confused, not just atheist. How do you know you’ve got the right God, and that you comprehend Him as scripture reveals Him, and that you haven’t just inherited a “god” someone told you about? Statistics say 23% of our population and 35% of Millennials are “Nones” (no, not Nuns). “Nones” don’t identify with any religious group. Today “de-conversion” is occurring at an alarming rate with younger people. Why, you ask? Many saw their faith crushed by some pain, question or event they thought God would handle for them or protect them from. Were you ever told “God is always near you” and yet you still felt alone, maybe abandoned by Him? Remember the response you were exhorted to chant “God is good, ALL the time. All the time, God is good?” Sometimes it doesn’t look that way. Read Hebrews. Recall the martyrs or the coliseum. Your baby died. Your Mom has cancer. Confusing? Where did your view of God originate? People deserve fact based answers even to hard questions. Our Bible covers most things, but don’t you still have some faith questions? Let’s not be uptight about what we’re unsure of yet let’s be clear with truths we can share. Truth 101 surely includes and respects science and history. Let’s not be fearful that above our strong foundation there can still be some delightful mystery. Think About It.