important: no youth on December 24th or December 31st

YOUTH MINISTRY - students in 7th-12th Grade

Who Needs Christmas?

Who needs Christmas? Seriously, who needs it? Well, as it turns out, maybe
we all do. In this series, we’ll discover just how important the Christmas story
really is—for all of us.

Dec. 3rd – The entire world needs Christmas
Malachi 1:11 – It was prophesied that the Messiah would be well-known and worshiped throughout the word.
Note to Parents: This week, we talk about the world’s need for Christmas—the first Christmas, that is. Ask your high schooler if they’re dealing with any situations that feel hopeless (maybe a friendship, a class, or a sport). Remind them that when God’s involved, there’s always hope that things could get better—the birth of a Savior is a great example of that.

Dec. 10th – God needed Christmas to demonstrate His love
Romans 5:8 – God proved His love for us when He sent His son to die for our sins.
Note to Parents: God needed Christmas, too. It’s true. God needed to connect with the world again—with us. So He sent Jesus as a sacrificial bridge between Heaven and Earth. Talk to your high schooler about sacrifice. Ask them to talk about a sacrifice they’ve made or they’ve seen you make. Ask them, “How does it feel to know that God made this level of sacrifice for you?”

Dec. 17th – Christmas is for people who need Freedom
Romans 6:23 – Sin causes pain and loss, but through Jesus we can have forgiveness and hope of heaven.
Note to Parents: God sent us Jesus—not only so we could have forgiveness—but also so we could have “life to the fullest.” Ask your high schooler what “life to the fullest” looks like in their mind. Then share your own answer to that question.

Dec. 17th is also the New Life Youth Christmas Party
What to wear: Santa hat, light up Christmas Sweater, Elf slippers, or other festive garb.
What to bring: A wrapped gift to exchange (no more than $10 value) and
A favorite holiday dish to share in our pot luck.

no youth on december 24th or 31st

Remember this:

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
Romans 5:8 NIV

do this:

morning time

morning time


One morning this week, leave a random, small gift on your high schooler’s dresser, sink, or front seat for them to find. It could be something as small as a note, pack of gum, or bargain store trinket. It’ll be a fun surprise and sweet way to start their day.

meal time


meal time

It’s easy to become distracted by different seasons, but this is especially true around Christmas. Prioritize connecting with your teenager by planning one meal this week to grab coffee, dessert, or a meal together. Challenge yourself to only ask questions and listen—saving your impulse to offer advice for another time.

their time


Their time

In this phase, it’s critical for parents to remind their high schooler that there’s life outside of their immediate world. It’s a great time of year for your high schooler to get involved in short-term or long-term service projects. Send your student a few links via text or email with different ways they can get involved. Follow up with them later on to see how you can help them take a step toward serving.

bed time


Bed time

The end of the semester, the end of the calendar year, and the impending holiday season can add extra stress to everyone—including your teenager. Before your teen goes to bed one night this week, encourage them to calm down and relax by reading, drinking a hot chocolate, or listening to a chill playlist on Spotify.

We gather together every Sunday evening from 5-7pm for food, fun, Biblical teaching, and friendship.

Our Mission: To provide an environment of community for teenagers that will help foster their spiritual growth. 

How we do this: Our mission is accomplished in two ways. Primarily in our weekly youth meetings we provide a safe, engaging environment where students are given the building blocks for a strong authentic faith. And secondarily we host frequent events outside of church. We do three differnt types of events:

Outreach Events: These events provide an opportunity for students to invite their friends to fun activity. This gives new students a feel for “the church” without feeling overwhelmed in an unfamiliar place.

Spiritual Growth Events: These events happen in the winter and summer over a weekend or week-long camp. We get away from the business of life in order to focus on God and grow deeper in our faith. We use curriculum that challenges the students to grow spiritually, examine their beliefs, and grow closer to their peers.

Service Projects: These events are for students to live out their faith by serving the community. We volunteer regularly at Manna Foodbank, the ABCCM Veterans Quarters, and with River Link.

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