YOUTH MINISTRY - students in 6th-12th Grade

important: youth times are 5:00 to 7:30 for middle schoolers (6th-8th) and high schoolers (9th-12th)!

If you’re an adult, then the idea of spiritual habits is probably familiar to you. Spiritual disciplines, quiet time, devotions – whatever you call it, you’ve probably established at least a few rhythms that help you grow spiritually. (Or at least you’re working on it.) Teenagers may need a little help from parents and youth leaders to figure these out. So, for the next 4 weeks, New Life Youth will be helping students discover four spiritual habits that will help them grow spiritually. The four habits we’ll cover are: Spending Time with God, Spending Time with Others, Sharing Your Story, and Using Your Gifts. By encouraging these habits in students now, we set them up for a lifetime of spiritual growth.

Teaching Schedule

March 10th - Spending Time with God

This week we’ll look at the spiritual habit of spending time with God. This covers a lot of area… reading the Bible, prayer, singing praises, doing a study or devotional. This is the first of four habits that will help students grow spiritually.

Bottom Line: Time with God grows your relationship with God.

Scripture: Mark 1:35, Mark 6:46, Luke 5:16, Luke 6:11-12, Matthew 14:13


March 24th - Spending Time with Others

This week we’ll look at the spiritual habit of sending time with other believers. Because we grow spiritually when we engage in community and have accountability.

Bottom Line: The people around you can grow faith within you.

Scripture: Hebrews 10:24-25


March 31st - Sharing Your Story

This week we’ll look at the spiritual habit of sharing our faith story. Because when students begin to understand how God shows up in their lives their faith and trust in Him grow. We can encourage others with our stories, we can share our faith in a personal way, and we can praise God for what He is doing in our lives.

Bottom Line:  Sharing your story can grow your faith in God’s story.

Scripture: Mark 5:1-20


April 7th - Using Your Gifts

This week we’ll look at the spiritual habit of using our gifts. God has gifted each of us with abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts. Serving God and others with these gifts grows our faith.

Bottom Line: Serving others can grow your love for God.

Scripture:  1 Corinthians 12:4-11, 1 Peter 4:10

We gather together every Sunday evening for food, fun, Biblical teaching, and friendship.

middle school and high school youth from 5:00 to 7:30 pm

Our Mission: To provide an environment of community for teenagers that will help foster their spiritual growth. 

How we do this: Our mission is accomplished in two ways. Primarily in our weekly youth meetings we provide a safe, engaging environment where students are given the building blocks for a strong authentic faith. And secondarily we host frequent events outside of church. We do three differnt types of events:

Outreach Events: These events provide an opportunity for students to invite their friends to fun activity. This gives new students a feel for “the church” without feeling overwhelmed in an unfamiliar place.

Spiritual Growth Events: These events happen in the winter and summer over a weekend or week-long camp. We get away from the business of life in order to focus on God and grow deeper in our faith. We use curriculum that challenges the students to grow spiritually, examine their beliefs, and grow closer to their peers.

Service Projects: These events are for students to live out their faith by serving the community. We volunteer regularly at Manna Foodbank, the ABCCM Veterans Quarters, and with River Link.

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