YOUTH MINISTRY - students in 6th-12th Grade

Teaching Schedule

New Life Youth is meeting on Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm on the front lawn of New Life Community Church. We will worship together, study the Bible, and pray for one another in small groups.

All of this will be outside and socially distanced, masks are strongly encouraged, but not required.

We will have hand washing and sanitizer stations available. Individually packaged snacks and bottled drinks will be served. Bring your own water bottle, chair, or blanket. We hope to see everyone this Wednesday!


Small Group Hang Outs and Meeting together again at New Life.
What are we expecting in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

We want you to know what we are doing.
We want you to know that we are allowing small groups to hangout. We are encouraging outdoor gatherings, social distanced, with frequent hand washing. Masks are not required, but are encouraged. We are also asking students who have a fever, cold-like symptoms, or have recently been in contact with someone who is sick to remain at home.

We want to know your concerns.
Thank you so much to those who are already spoken to us about your concerns for safety and health. If you want your student to attend, but fear they will be teased for wearing a mask, please tell us! We want to support you.

We want the students to practice respectful communication. 
We want students to ask "May I give you a hug?", "Am I sitting too close?" We want to respect that each family has different comfort levels. Some are ok with hugs, others want to keep things 6 feet apart. Students should feel comfortable speaking out about their personal boundaries without fear of teasing.

Disclaimer: Where there are people, there are germs.
We will do our best to encourage students to practice healthy habits, but by allowing your student to attend an in person gathering please understand they will be with others.
Not everyone will wear a mask.
Not everyone will stay 6 feet apart.