Like a Child

My 4 year old grandson sometimes spends the night and it is a delight when he does.  I am an early riser and this daily routine affords me a time of solitude for reflection, prayer and study of scripture. Early morning is the best time for me. I enjoy this time very much. I need it.

Things change with Cooper in the house. He often is an early riser too. He knows my routine, and he doesn’t hesitate to put his needs first. I hear the sound of footsteps rapidly moving down the hall . . . then a pause from 3 feet away . . . and then a launch into my lap where he adjusts his position for his comfort as he closes his eyes with a face that mirrors peace, satisfaction and security. He knows I want him. He knows despite what I am doing his company is important to me . . . that he is welcome. Cooper has no reservations or second thoughts about this “invasion.”

Does God see us that way? Even though He is busy exercising sovereign rule over creation, does He welcome us to come close to Him at any time that we desire or have need? I believe He does. Can He simultaneously sustain the universe and be completely attentive and responsive to me? I believe so. What prompts Cooper to have such confidence that he has my ear and my arms at any time? Perhaps it’s just because he is 4 and there is an innocent and juvenile egocentrism at work. But what are his assumptions? I think they are these: He is much loved. He is much valued. He is much desired. His needs and interests matter to me. He is safe and secure with me. And perhaps because of our relationship he can expect the nurture that he seeks.

Each time he comes to me like this I am grateful that we can enjoy this giving and receiving together. There are many times in these moments I wish I could capture the feeling and emotions he experiences in my own personal drawing near to God. That may be why Jesus encourages us to come to God and His kingdom as a little child would. (Mark 10:14-15) I believe God is like that and even better. I would like to experience Him more with that childlike faith and wonder. Do you? Think About It.