God doesn’t need me?

God doesn’t need me? That can be quite a revelation to someone who has a heart for God and just a smidgeon of self-esteem. Because He is the Almighty, He needs no support. God is self-sufficient, and that is good. As stated by A.W. Tozer in The Knowledge of the Holy, “Since He is the Being supreme over all, it follows that God cannot be elevated. Nothing is above Him, nothing beyond Him. Any motion in His direction is elevation for the creature; away from Him, descent. As no-one can promote Him, so no-one can degrade Him. It is written that He upholds all things by the word of His power.(Heb.1:3) How can He be raised or supported by the things He upholds?”

This could be hard for our fragile egos to bear, processing the thought that God does not need our help. One of the true drives behind much Christian effort today is the idealism and compassion that draws younger people into Christian service. And what of the well-meaning appeals of speakers who implore their “hearers” to help God in His mission to reach the “lost” and underprivileged.

God is ever at work, and He is not nervous about whether His plans for this creation of His will work through to fruition. God sees the completion of His work as clearly as He sees the creation of this world. He is timeless, the Beginning and the End. What is marvelous for our sake is that although God does not “need” my help or yours, He welcomes our participation in the work of His kingdom and finds joy in granting the privilege of partnership with us, unafraid that trusting such sacred work to sometimes clumsy hands might impair His plans and progress.

Does that relieve me of any sense of guilt I might create for myself, knowing that God doesn’t depend on me but instead enjoys my company in His work? It should. The creation won’t crumble if I pass on certain involvements. However, just as a parent is warmed by a child who pulls up a stool and wants to “help” cook, or who is joined in the dirt by one who wants to help pull weeds, so God must also enjoy our coming alongside Him out of our love for Him and attraction to His work. Volunteers welcome! Think About It.