MIssions and outreach

Campus Crusade for Christ

“Winning people to faith in Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others”

Shining Light Ministries

“Shining Light Ministry exists to evangelize, teach and provide pastor training throughout India”


“Helping people move toward Jesus”   Discipleship, teaching and leadership development"

Freedom in Christ

“Helping people realize their new identity and freedom in Christ”

Signs for Hope Ministries

“Signs for Hope exists to share the hope of Christ by facilitating care for deaf/HOH orphans throughout the world”

C.W.E. Missions

“CWE Missions focuses on construction and medical teams to assist missionaries and pastors around the world to accommodate the preaching of God’s word.”

New City Christian School

“Provides quality education in a Christian environment for under resourced families to elevate motivation and hope for personal accomplishment and life success”

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