Message: “What Is Love?” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - September 5, 2021

What Is Love?

What is love? There’s so much confusion about what love is in our culture. Is love a feeling? Is it merely sexual? Why do I say I love filet mignon & I love my wife? Are those the same things? Closely related to love, I’d argue is our understanding of identity. If we don’t understand who we are & why we exist—it’s really impossible to love fully or receive love in a healthy, life-giving way. And it’s downright impossible to engage in sex, relationships & marriage in a healthy way without the foundation of love & identity. The Scriptures teach us much about both love and new identity in Christ. Understanding these, will help us build a healthy framework around sex, relationships and marriage--which were all created for our good and for the glory of King Jesus.

From Series: "A Good Design"

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