Message: “The Priority of the Unreached” from Rodney Howell

Rodney Howell - October 20, 2019

The Priority of the Unreached

This week we move into the New Testament, continuing to see the theme of God’s heart for all nations, all peoples, from Genesis to Revelation and from the beginning of time to the end of history. Genesis 12:1-3 showed us from the very outset of God’s plan that He blesses His people abundantly, but that is not to be an end in itself. Psalm 67 is one of many more places in the Old Testament that we see this described. His people are to be conduits of His blessing to others in general, and in particular to every nation, tribe, people and language on earth. Moving into the New Testament, this plan extends to the church as we join His mission to make disciples of all nations (all peoples). And as Paul reflects in his letter to the Romans about his part in the mission, he says some amazing things about what he has done, how he has done it, and that he is, well, done (at least in certain regions). Will we be people like Paul who passionately go for the sake of God’s glory among the nations? Will we be people like those who sent Paul to the least reached peoples and places? What part will each of us play in finishing the mission to bring God’s blessing to all nations, all peoples?

From Series: "God's Heart for All Nations"

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