Message: “The Power of a United Family” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - September 29, 2019

The Power of a United Family

This week we finish up our series on conflict by addressing conflict in the context of a church family. Jesus was so serious about his bride being unified, that in John 17 he said the world would know the Father sent him by the unity of his disciples. In John 13, Jesus tells us that the world will know we are his disciples by our love for one another. This is a REALLY big deal to Jesus. So big in fact, that He lays out guidelines for how we are to deal with conflict & sin with each other in the church. By looking at these passages we see important truths about overcoming conflict in the church family by following the “4 G’s of conflict resolution” in the church. When conflict comes, we should: glorify God in how we handle the situation, get the log out of our own eye before engaging, gently restore our brother or sister & we should get together to seek reconciliation & forgiveness. Jesus even gives us detailed steps in how to do this. We have an enemy who comes to steal, kill & destroy. One of Satan’s most effective tactictics is division. A unified church family is a dangerous & powerful thing! By following biblical guidelines for conflict resolution, we can not only survive, but flourish as a unified church family that honors God & advances the Kingdom of Jesus together!

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Overcoming conflict God's way

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