Message: “The Pharisee and the Tax Collector” from Rodney Howell

Chris Dillon - December 15, 2019

The Great Feast

Think of the best meal or the most enjoyable party you’ve ever experienced. All of us can think back fondly to experiences like this that we’ve enjoyed with family and friends. Even Jesus spent much time eating with people during his earthly ministry. In this parable of the great feast, Jesus tells a room full of feasting self-righteous, religious people a story about a great king who invites ungrateful people to an epic feast. The invitees come up with lame excuse after lame excuse for why they can’t attend. This king eventually fills his epic party with the poor, sick and marginalized of the day. Jesus’ point was that not everyone who is invited to the great feast in his Kingdom will come. In fact, many who think they’re in, will miss it entirely. We can also learn much by observing the king’s servants who were sent out to the streets and alleys to compel people to come to his feast. This story challenges us to consider whether or not we are on our way to the King’s Great Feast, or whether we’re making lame excuses. For those of us who are servants of King Jesus on the path to the feast, it also begs the question: who are you currently inviting to come to the king’s feast? He wants a full party! Are you doing your part to fill it up? Christmas season is the perfect time to invite people in your life to the Great King’s Great Feast!

From Series: "Parable(s)"

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