Message: “The God of Man & Lions” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - June 12, 2022

The God of Man & Lions

The 6th chapter of Daniel contains one of the most well-known stories in the entire Bible. This chapter also happens to be chock-full of practical applications to our modern day life. Things like persisting in prayer when crisis strikes, or the value of working hard at our jobs, or letting our faith be personal but not private. All of those applications are great, but the big-idea of the chapter is this: Christian, learn to walk faithfully with the God who rescues, even when the cost is great. Most Christians in Daniel’s day and in our day alike, tend to either assimilate into culture or isolate from culture. Neither is helpful. We must be in culture, working for the good of our cities, while living out the ethics of another kingdom. Salt and light. Different but delightful. Strange but powerful. In all of this, we remember that Jesus is the greater Daniel, who was also thrown into a den of death to face the lions of sin, death and hell. Who also walked out of that tomb to give us the ability to live an abundant life on earth that simply extends into eternity. What a Savior!

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