Message: “Restoration” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - June 4, 2023


Psalm 126 is a community psalm of thanksgiving that focuses on the theme of restoration. We all need to experience restoration and renewal in different seasons of our lives. This psalm tells us several things about the supernatural restoration we all need; it’s God-supplied, awe-inspiring, joy-producing, and serves as a powerful testimony to the world. How do we get this type of deep life-changing renewal? Two ways: prayer and sowing. We pray for restoration and keep sowing the seeds of spiritual disciplines. Through tears even, we keep sowing the seeds of prayer, reading scripture, worshiping with the saints each Sunday, showing up to our community groups, practicing generosity–and when God sends the rains, and He will, we will reap a harvest of joy!

From Series: "Ascent"

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