Message: “Preparing For Opposition” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - May 2, 2021

Preparing For Opposition

As Jesus and His eleven remaining disciples walk toward the garden of gethsemane where Jesus is soon to be arrested, He is teaching them some of the most crucial lessons they’ll need in the days ahead. Firstly, Jesus is preparing them to be hated by the world. They need to expect it, and embrace it as a part of following Jesus. Secondly, He’s teaching them to embrace the new super power He’s about to give them. No, He didn’t give them the super power of flight or an invisible cloak, even better! He’s giving them the very Holy Spirit of God who will empower them to be effective witnesses for King Jesus, even while being hated. Finally, He wants to prepare them to endure. The Christian life is not a sprint, it’s an ultra-marathon. Many seem to start the race strong, but are nowhere to be found at the finish line. Jesus wants His disciples to start strong and finish strong, and the only way that happens is when we commit to a life of abiding in Jesus and living empowered by the Holy Spirit.

From Series: "The Abiding Life"

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