Message: “Marriage & the Gospel” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - October 3, 2021

Marriage & the Gospel

As we put a wrap on our Good Design series, we can’t leave without digging into the subject of marriage. Our culture sees marriage as a means to self-fulfilment and satisfaction. The other person is supposed to “complete” us and make us happy. But is that the real purpose of marriage in God’s design? What if marriage was meant to paint a far more important and beautiful picture for the world about Jesus and His love? And what if by loving and sacrificing for each other in marriage and mirroring Jesus to one another, we created such a beautiful relationship that great sex was a natural byproduct of that type of self-sacrificing, honoring relationship? The truth is, sex was designed for marriage. It’s best experienced in marriage, and the best sex is only possible in marriage as husband and wife enter into a one flesh relationship of self-sacrificial love that points the world to the self-sacrificial love of Jesus for His Bride.

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