Message: “Marriage Gospeling – Part 2” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - May 3, 2020

A Living Hope

Last week we were launched into this incredible little letter by the apostle Peter. He reminded us of our true identity on this earth as followers of Jesus: elect exiles. Chosen and loved, and yet strangers in a foreign land who will suffer on our way home. This week, Peter tells these suffering Christians that they have a living hope. That because of the resurrection of Jesus, they have an eternal inheritance. This living hope in Jesus, is so powerful according to Peter, that it actually allows believers to experience joy even in the midst of deep grief. This mystery of the gospel, our salvation and hope in pain is so glorious that the prophets of old spent countless years marveling at it, and even angels long to look into it. We are people of the new covenant, and as new covenant Chrsitians we don’t have a dead hope, a compromised hope or a half-way hope but a LIVING hope because of Jesus!

From Series: "Hope In Exile"

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