Message: “In the Beginning” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - August 29, 2021

In the Beginning

Sex, love & marriage are sacred gifts from God. In fact, God invented sex (& love & marriage)! God is very much pro-sex and not anti-sex despite what you may have been taught growing up in church. However, like all good things, we tend to (as fallen, sinful human beings) take what is good, and distort, mutilate, mangle what God designed for good and end up with some distorted version that causes more pain, loss, guilt & shame than good. To understand who we are and what our purpose is in the realms of sex, love and marriage, we must first understand where we came from and why we exist. As we look at our origin story in Genesis 1-2 (and Jesus’ commentary on those texts) we find some inescapable truths that must guide our lives as followers of Jesus. Firstly, we can’t define what we didn’t create. Secondly, we are all sexual sinners of one sort or the other. Thirdly, Jesus is the only antidote to our sexual and relational brokenness. The good news of the gospel is that there is freedom, forgiveness and redemption for all sexual sinners (that’s every single one of us) available through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus! We find our greatest freedom & flourishing as we align our lives with His design for human sexuality and relationships.

From Series: "A Good Design"

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