Message: “I AM: The Bread of Life” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - December 13, 2020

The Way, Truth and Life


This particular I AM statement from Jesus may be the most controversial one in our age. For Jesus to claim to be the way, truth and life such that no person can come to the Father except through Him, flies in the face of our pluralistic culture that despises even the concept of absolute truth. And yet, this statement from Jesus isn’t so much a judgmental condemnation of those far from Him, as much as it’s an open invitation into life-changing relationship, freeing truth and abundant life now and in eternity. Friend, Jesus is the way, truth and life. He is the antidote to all that is broken in your heart and in our world. In fact, he’s the only hope this busted up world has. Let’s cling to Jesus as our way, our truth and our life and share this transformational message with the world around us this Christmas season!

From Series: "I AM"

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