Message: “Here I am. Send ____” from Rich Miller

Rich Miller - October 30, 2022

Here I am. Send ____

As we have seen this month, there is still so much work to be done to reach people from every tribe, tongue, nation and language. And that includes the crucial task of completing the translation of the Bible into the heart language of 1.5 billion people. Jesus is delaying His return until the job is done. There is no greater task and no more significant way to invest our lives than in the expansion of Christ's kingdom. We may wonder, 'What can I possibly do that would make a difference?' 'Is there some way that God could use me in His plans to reach the world?' Often all kinds of objections and obstacles pop into our brains that can discourage us from even considering going...even on a short-term mission. In this message we will look at some of the more common concerns that God's people have to serving Christ in another culture and, Lord allowing, offer some helpful answers.

From Series: "Keys To Finishing The Mission"

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