Message: “Faith that Works” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - August 1, 2021

The Trap of Spiritual Arrogance


This week’s passage in James hits on the more subtle sins Christians oftentimes neglect in their own lives. It’s easy to point out what we consider to be “big sins” in others; things like murder, rape, extramarital affairs, homosexuality and the like. But James wants us to tackle sins of omission in our own lives just as voraciously as the more obvious sins of commission. James tackles two particular sins in this text that are rooted in spiritual arrogance. Speaking evil against brothers and sisters and living our lives like practical atheists. When spiritual arrogance affects our tongues and our plans in life, we are sure to go off the rails and experience disappointment and disillusionment. The antidote to this destructive spiritual arrogance, is radical dependence on Jesus which brings freedom, hope and healing to our tongues and our life plans!

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