Message: “Faith that Works” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - June 27, 2021

Faith that Works

This section of James’ letter to scattered and persecuted Christians across the Roman Empire is one of the more controversial passages in the New Testament. James makes a radically bold claim: faith without works is dead! In other words, authentic faith leads to real fruit. He goes on to paint a picture of 3 kinds of faith: dead faith, demonic faith, and living faith. James wants us to know that mere lip service to Jesus or simple intellectual assent to a set of beliefs does not equal saving faith. Real faith always bleeds out into real life. He’s not arguing for perfection in the life of the Christian, but he is arguing for progress as outward evidence of a living inward faith. Authentic faith in Jesus leads to real fruitful life in this world!

From Series: "James"

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