Message: “Church. Community. World. Together.” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - January 26, 2020

Church. Community. World. Together.

Jesus gave His church her mission on a mountaintop in Galilee almost 2,000 years ago. And He made some pretty astounding promises about what His church would accomplish between His first and second comings. Foundational to the teaching of Jesus on the church, is understanding that it was designed to be a movement, rather than an institution. A living organism, rather than a dead building or event. Not only that, the church of Jesus was designed to function well and advance when every follower of Jesus took their place in the story God is writing. It was never designed to be a show for an hour a week, with an audience of spectators. As we consider the mission Jesus gave His church to make disciples and advance His Kingdom locally and globally, we must all consider what role God is calling each of us to play in and through His church body in order to push forward the mission He has given His Bride!

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