Message: “Betrayal & The Way of Love” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - March 21, 2021

Betrayal & The Way of Love

As Jesus continues to press crucial Kingdom values into His disciples’s hearts before He goes to the cross, we come to some difficult and yet beautiful challenges in the back half of chapter 13. In Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, we see that we have a Savior who is well acquainted with our pain. We also come face to face with the terrifying reality that it’s entirely possible for people to play the part of being a disciple of Jesus, while actually being on the pathway to hell. In the final analysis, we see Jesus lay forth the way forward in His Kingdom; to love one another like He loves us. Our radical love for each other as followers of Jesus is actually how the world will know we belong to Him. In a day and age of cultural division over politics, masks, vaccines & so much more--the world needs to see a community of people unified by love for one another even in our differences! The gospel brings love, unity & healing to the places where our world tears apart, divides & wounds!

From Series: "The Abiding Life"

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