Message: “A Life Changing Encounter” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - February 16, 2020

A Great Refuge

Ruth: A Story of Redemption

The 1st chapter of Ruth painted a pretty dark picture of chaos, famine and death. In chapter 2, a new character emerges that changes the entire trajectory of the story. Boaz is a man of strength, character and means. As Ruth--a new follower of God--displays her faith and trust in God--she’s introduced to Boaz and hope begins to shine through the dark backdrop of her story. In this chapter, we see rich truths that are just as applicable to our lives today as they were in Ruth’s day. We learn that even when God is silent, He is not absent. We learn not to lose faith in the famines of life. We cling to His promise of provision and rescue in His timing. Ultimately, we begin to see that in Boaz, God is pointing us to an even greater redeemer and refuge. Through Boaz and Ruth, would come King David and eventually Jesus. This little love story points us to the big love story of God and His people. God is our great refuge who has provided us the ultimate Redeemer in Jesus!

From Series: "Ruth: A Story of Redemption"

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