Message: “A King’s Prayer (Part 2)” from Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon - March 28, 2021

A Sure Way In Troubled Times

The Abiding Life

As we step into chapter 14, the disciples are understandably troubled. Jesus has just predicted his death, Judas’ cold-blooded betrayal, and that Peter would deny him 3 times that very night. Their world was spinning as angst filled their minds and hearts. In our day as in that day, many minds and hearts are filled with troubled thoughts and anxious feelings. Jesus says that the antidote to the troubled heart is belief in Him. Why? Because He’s the way to the Father and to Heaven. He’s the only way home. Not only does Jesus prescribe the antidote to troubled hearts, He makes a mind-blowing promise: His followers will follow in His steps as they receive the Holy Spirit and do great things to advance His Kingdom. Jesus’ people will ask for bold things in His name, and He will answer their prayers in astounding ways for His glory. What a beautiful and powerful promise for the follower of Christ!

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