Who Is “This” God?

There was a time in the Western world when many people had read the Bible reasonably thoroughly and therefore knew something about how it was “put together.” Even those who were atheists were different. The God they disbelieved in was the God of the Bible. Their understanding of the God whom they found unbelievable was in some measure shaped by their reading of the Bible or to some degree, hearing what it had to say spoken aloud. Today a rising number of people really do not know how the Bible works at all. They have never read it or at least have never read it closely.

Sadly, it must be admitted that in today’s culture there is often distortion in the communication of the biblical message, and much of this is to foster a more universal appeal. Presented honestly and truthfully, allowing the Bible to speak for itself, challenging truths and all, it has the capacity and power to capture the hearts and minds of those who approach it with honest interest, even the most skeptical inquirer. At New Life Church we attempt to present God and his truths in that clear, uncompromising manner. We too wrestle with some of its challenging words and attempt to both understand its words and present them in a straightforward manner. We try to create a safe, welcoming environment where you can begin to encounter God on your terms and where we don’t get in the way. Check us out when you’re ready.

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