Is there a “bridge over troubled waters?”

Is there a “bridge over troubled waters?” Let me emphatically say YES! First and foremost, Jesus desires to be that for us and is close at hand always, not just in times of fear, uncertainty or shortage. He is the head which gives direction to his body and Jesus’ body, the church, is intentionally in motion, especially when there is hurt or concern to its members.

New Life is fortunate to have been blessed in that at its core, there are many members and committed attenders who have given and continue to give, often sacrificially, to ensure that the needs of the church at large are met. For that we praise God and rejoice in the level of generosity he instills in his children to care for one another.

We are navigating through a period of time where much is uncertainty. Rather than having a long view of things we are making our way through one step at a time, often one decision at a time. It is likely that from a financial vantage point, for many the next month or two may prove more challenging than the months behind us. People are being furloughed. Jobs are in question. Businesses are closed. Government aid may be slow in arriving. One need not be a prophet to expect that some of our family will experience shortages or even delays on regaining financial stability and that timely assistance may help them from facing overwhelming issues, issues which can even challenge one’s faith.

We want you to know that there may be situations where as a church we may be able to assist, even with your financial needs. Our resources are not unlimited, but we do not want you to hesitate to make a request due to pride, fear or embarrassment in your current situation. This is family attempting to care for the needs of family. Hopefully, as we emerge from this period of upheaval we will understand with greater depth the value of what commitment to a faith family encompasses and how rich a blessing being part of a healthy church can be.  When there is hurt, the body responds. We make sacrifices to ensure the well- being of others. Families do that for each other. 

Our encouragement to you is to be wise and learn from this period of upheaval. Most of us have never experienced anything quite like this before. There may be practices we change for the better so that on the other side of this we have “tuned up” our lifestyles. But know that God is near, especially in times of concern and when we need that “bridge over troubled waters.” His body, your church, is here to offer counsel and practical help. Assess your situation using sober judgment. Seek counsel if appropriate. Let your needs be known so that you do not become overwhelmed when hope and help are available. You are valued and loved!