Prayer Plan for January 2018

The Southern Baptist Convention has several events that occur throughout the year to help lead people closer to a life of happiness through Jesus Christ. In January, the SBC is focusing on the power of prayer. Not just prayer for ourselves, but prayer for all man on earth. We hope that through our prayers, we can impact the world and inspire a significant movement of God.

There are four prayer plans, each one hour long. This hour should include ten minutes of Scripture reading, public leadership, and worship, twenty minutes of sharing prayer concerns in small groups related to the session focus, and thirty minutes of guided and conversational times of individual, group, and corporate prayer. These prayer sessions have been provided by the official Southern Baptist Convention’s website.

Session 1 Focus: Your Family and Friends

  • Create a list of all of your family members, and practice praying for them each day
  • Encourage church members at your local church to list the names of up to five of their friends and begin tracking their prayer, care, and sharing with those listed
  • Ask the members of your congregation to write down names of family members and friends that don’t go to church or are lost and bring them to the front of a worship center to place the names before the Lord

Session 2 Focus: The Church and Community

  • Print the names and dates of your church’s planned events for the next six months (these can include revival services, special music programs, and related functions)
  • Lead your church in the direction of praying for these events by name during the weekly Sunday morning prayer, as well as for the ongoing health and unity of your church
  • Pray for your church’s ministry team, by name, and encourage volunteers to use their opportunities to expand the church’s teachings in God’s name

Session 3 Focus: The Country and Its People

  • Read 1 Timothy 2:1–6 to the church during the morning worship service. Ask the congregation to intercede for the entire country. Mention the names of elected officials during the weekly Sunday prayer
  • Pray for the Lord to multiply your church’s reach into the country by calling on people who will serve as pastors, missionaries, and church planters
  • Pray for the diverse people of our nation and for the racial and spiritual reconciliation that is possible only through salvation in Jesus Christ

Session 4 Focus: The World and Its People

  • During the pastoral prayer, pray for those in your church who may be sensing God’s call to become part of the “limitless ministry teams” serving alongside field missionaries.
  • Ask the Lord to give trustees and leaders divine wisdom and guidance as they challenge Southern Baptists to be on mission with God.
  • Ask for wisdom and mercy for missionaries accepting dangerous opportunities for service around the world

Practicing these prayer sessions, not only during January, but during all walks of life, creates a positive impact for yourself, your community, and the world. We hope that through these prayer sessions provided by the Southern Baptist Convention, we can help the world become a better place that follows God and His Word. Start your prayer sessions today with friends, family, and your community and begin making an impact for Jesus Christ.