Maybe all dogs go to heaven, but all people don’t.

Maybe all dogs go to heaven, but all people don’t. So, are you good enough to get to heaven? Over 3/4 of Americans believe in heaven and over 3/4 of this 3/4 believe they‘ll make the cut. How about you? Intelligent, accomplished, nice people from all over the world are banking their eternities on the widely accepted theory they believe underwrites their entrance to heaven . . . . being “good,” doing “good,” and hoping the scales of justice for their “good deeds” vs. “bad deeds” tilts in their favor. (Sounds like Santa’s naughty and nice list, doesn’t it?) This system involves a lot of work (by me), a standardized rating system(from somewhere) and an honest scorekeeper(God?). Did I fail to mention that to get to heaven you also have to be dead? Seriously though, heaven is a destination. Salvation, gaining a right relationship with the God of the Bible, is a life choice which leads to a lifestyle. Just what is that standard of goodness by which we merit eternal life (salvation)? And why has a “good” God neglected to tell us what the acceptable level of performance is? Surprisingly, there is no acceptable level of performance. No curve to be graded against. God applies a “simple” pass/fail system that revolves around what we have done with regard to His Son Jesus. Accept or reject Jesus and you are accepted or rejected by God. This appears to be a simple qualifier but in truth, simple doesn’t mean easy. Salvation requires one thing . . . sincere faith. Ephesians 2:9 confirms this is not a result of our “works.” If it was, we’d all be competing on life’s treadmill. Sincere faith is our “password.” Acts 16:31 “Believe (have faith in) in the Lord Jesus Christ (His work on the cross for you) and you will be saved.” The hard truth is, there are no “good” people in heaven, just forgiven people who humbled their hearts to God and asked for forgiveness and surrendered to new leadership. What could be fairer than God’s invitation for this salvation? God loves Everyone.(John 3:16) Everyone is welcome(Matt. 18:14; 2 Ptr. 2:9) Everybody gets in the same way(Jn.14:6; Acts 4:12) Everybody can meet the requirement (Jn. 3:16) Think About It.