Because you say so, I will

“Because you say so, I will.” How many people in your life who you barely know could influence you to do something way outside your better and well-seasoned judgment? In Luke 5 Peter the professional fisherman could have become a laughingstock by following the advice of a carpenter turned itinerant preacher. Peter was already weary physically and emotionally from a hard all-nighter at sea and he and his partners had nothing to show for it except exhaustion. Then this landlubber who knows nothing about the fishing business tells Peter to “put out into deep water and let down your nets for a catch.” Jesus’ request was contrary to reason and human judgment but Peter accepted the risk of ridicule and another hard day’s work and took a chance that Jesus knew something he didn’t. (There really wasn’t much word on the street yet that this Jesus had some unique gifting so Peter was possibly acting more on risk than he was on faith). Scripture tells us an astonishing catch was made, setting the stage for Peter’s trust in Jesus and his ordination into the “fishing for men” ministry. We can draw from this account that Jesus came through in the clutch.(He does that) He knew why He was challenging Peter to express faith and that bigger things were in store for Peter which would again require trust in Jesus’ direction. Though we haven’t walked or fished with Jesus, through the testimonies of His written word and His presence in our life circumstances, we too are faced with challenges which at times seem too much, require too much of us or run contrary to our “well-seasoned judgment” and intellect. Jesus builds on the small things, our small “obediences,” to create larger opportunities which yield surprising results. His word is filled with challenge and unseen opportunities for us if we will trust Him to be who He is and obey what He says. Do you find yourself staying on shore and cleaning your nets or are you up for the “catch” Jesus has planned for you? Think About It.