For The Bible Tells Me So

“For the bible tells me so . . . . so what?” Those who came to faith in Christ early in life are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to relating “truth” to non-Christians and hard core skeptics who were not exposed to the bible and its teachings nor have any degree of “buy in” to its reliability and authenticity. Truth told, most Christians are a bit short handed defending the origins and reliability of the scriptures. Culture has shifted dramatically in the past 2 decades, so much to the place where everyone’s truth is truth, all truth is relative and personal experiential truth trumps most other. Daring to risk heresy, one’s experiential truth may just prove to be an asset in today’s apologetics. We call this one’s personal “testimony” or “witness.” While we as Christians anchor support from passages in the bible like Hebrews 11, non-believers who operate from “seeing is believing” say “so what?” To be fair, operating in faith or trust in the principle that “believing is seeing” can be seen as “Pollyannaish.”(Look it up) In v. 39 God commends faith in the unseen. These people “were all commended for their faith yet none of them received what was promised.” This is highly noble to be sure. But dead heroes from the Old or New Testament don’t do much to impact a secular mind. So, what does work to begin to engage their curiosity?
Your story. Your testament. It’s indisputable. How, when and where has God moved in your life? Where can you link evidence of God’s trustworthiness, peace or provision to the challenges, fears and threats you have faced in your life? Not much evidence to report? Perhaps the reason is you’ve tried to control or muscle out too much of life on your own and haven’t given God room to work. God is fully trustworthy. But God first has to be trusted and our hands need to be off for Him to prove Himself. Start small. No need to learn to drive stick shift in Atlanta rush hour traffic. Let God build your story. Then start talking about Him. Think About It.