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multiculturalNew Life of Asheville is a very friendly and relational church. You’ll get a sense of that as soon as you walk through the doors. Our church family is comprised of people from many walks of life and differing locations on their spiritual journey. We’re quite a “melting pot” here where our focus is to elevate Jesus Christ rather than any denominational preferences.

We want you to be comfortable doing life and learning with us whether you’re in your first steps exploring the Christian faith, returning to church after some time away, or if you’ve been following Christ for a lifetime. We’re more concerned about what’s going on in your heart rather than the label on your clothes. While we strive to create an environment that is casual and inviting, we’re also very serious about maintaining an atmosphere that honors God and encourages worship.

Please check out the ministry snapshot videos above and then join us this Sunday, spend a few weeks with us, and let’s really get to know each other! New Life of Asheville is a church located in Asheville, North Carolina

Good Friday? We probably take more for granted about people’s knowledge of religious history than we should. The fact is, many people living here in the “bible belt” have never been to church and even … Continue reading

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